Three Performance Features for an Ideal Commercial Garage Door

If you are planning on upgrading your commercial or industrial garage door, it is crucial to evaluate and compare the different products in the market. Your ultimate choice will determine the durability and practical functionality of the feature as well as the long-term maintenance requirements. In general, there are numerous factors to consider when selecting the right garage door for your business space. Some of the aspects are obvious such as the size, material, configuration and opening systems. Read More 

A Guide on How to Choose the Ideal Door for Your Farm Shed

Farm sheds are very versatile structures that can be used for storage of farm produce, livestock feed, and farm and power equipment, among other things. Before deciding on how to build your shed door, it is essential to determine the kind of door that you want. This will be dependent on factors such as cost, ease of installation, and convenience. There are three common types of doors that are suitable for large farm sheds. Read More 

Some Questions You Might Have About Automatic Garage Doors and Their Openers

Automatic garage doors are relatively simple; you hit a button on a remote and this tells the motor to either lift or lower the garage door. As simple as that sounds, they can also get a bit complicated when you've purchased a new opener or the motor itself needs maintenance. Note a few questions you might have about automatic garage doors and their openers as well as motors and other parts of the system, so you know how to keep it in good working order and when to call a repairperson. Read More 

Garage Door Openers: Things You Need To Consider When Buying One

Installing an automated garage door opening system in your home comes with high-level efficiency and convenience by enabling effortless opening of heavy garage doors. Garage door openers also come with options that allow you to customise as well as control variables such as speed and noise. However, before choosing the type of garage door opener that will work best for your home, you will have to make several decisions concerning it. Read More 

How to Lubricate Different Garage Door Parts

Garage door rollers, springs, tracks and hinges need lubrication for them to operate smoothly. The screeching, banging and groaning are some of the chaotic noises you can hear from non lubricated doors. The best thing is that a good lubricant can stop these chaotic symphonies. The part where people go wrong is assuming that every part must be lubricated the same way. It is wise to learn the best lubrication technique for different garage door parts. Read More