A Guide to Automatic Garage Doors

If you are building a house with garage space, an automatic garage door is a beautiful addition that you may want to consider. These types of doors may also increase the value of your property if you are selling or renting it. Today, they are a standard feature in many homes, as they enhance the security of both cars and homeowners.

Operation of automatic garage doors.

A garage door opener controls the opening and closing of the automatic garage door. It can either be controlled by a switch or remote control. The opener consists of a power unit that has an electric motor. This power unit is attached to a track. To allow the garage door to open and close, a trolley connected to an arm is attached at the top of the garage door, sliding back and forth. A chain or belt pulls the trolley along the track once the motor is operated. To allow manual operation in the event of a power outage, the trolley has a quick release mechanism that disconnects it from the opener. The automatic garage door remote is a radio transmitter that operates at about 315MHz. The remote transmits a signal to a receiver in the garage door opener. Once the receiver receives the code specific to it, it performs the command. Modern-day automatic garage doors generate new codes after every command to prevent system hacks.

Maintenance of automatic garage doors.

To ensure safe and efficient operation, automatic garage doors require regular maintenance. The following are tips on how to maintain your automatic garage door:

  1. Inspect the garage door springs, rollers and cables. If you notice any wear and tear, it is recommended that you ask a technician to do replacements as the springs are usually under high tension and could cause injuries when mishandled.
  2. Test the balance of the door. To test, close the door and disconnect it from the opener. The door should open smoothly with little effort and resistance. It should stay open at three or four feet above the ground. If not, it is out of balance and should be adjusted by a technician.
  3. Regularly lubricate the moving parts of the door such as the hinges, tracks, rollers and springs. Refer to the owner's manual to know what lubricant is preferred.

The automatic garage door is considered a necessity in most modern homes. It uses a simple operating mechanism, and with proper maintenance, it will serve for a long time.