Garage Door Openers: Things You Need To Consider When Buying One

Installing an automated garage door opening system in your home comes with high-level efficiency and convenience by enabling effortless opening of heavy garage doors. Garage door openers also come with options that allow you to customise as well as control variables such as speed and noise. However, before choosing the type of garage door opener that will work best for your home, you will have to make several decisions concerning it. Read More 

How to Lubricate Different Garage Door Parts

Garage door rollers, springs, tracks and hinges need lubrication for them to operate smoothly. The screeching, banging and groaning are some of the chaotic noises you can hear from non lubricated doors. The best thing is that a good lubricant can stop these chaotic symphonies. The part where people go wrong is assuming that every part must be lubricated the same way. It is wise to learn the best lubrication technique for different garage door parts. Read More 

3 Garage Door Repairs that You Can Make to Avoid Door Replacement

Unfortunately, many homeowners run into issues around their home that lead to replacement simply because they believe there is no repair option or the repair cost would be too high. One of the most common replacements, which fall into this category, are garage doors. Before you decide that your broken garage door is beyond repair, consider these three issues and how a repair can be done easily without a full replacement. Read More 

How to Keep Kids Safe Around Automatic Garage Doors

An automatic garage door may seem like a lot of fun to kids; however, these doors can be dangerous as they open and close. You should take steps to make sure that your children understand that your garage door isn't a toy and that it is as safe as possible to avoid accidents. Teach Kids Not to Play With the Door It's important to make sure that your children don't mess around with the garage door's mechanism and its opener. Read More 

Common Issues Handled By a Garage Door Service Company

When your garage door begins to malfunction, chances are that unless you're proficient in the mechanisms that govern the operation of these doors, you will have to call upon a garage door service company to deal with the issue. So to help you understand what these companies can do, here are some of the most common problems they handle: Fast closing garage door When your garage door begins to open or close too fast, this is a problem that a garage door service company can fix. Read More