Three Performance Features for an Ideal Commercial Garage Door

If you are planning on upgrading your commercial or industrial garage door, it is crucial to evaluate and compare the different products in the market. Your ultimate choice will determine the durability and practical functionality of the feature as well as the long-term maintenance requirements. In general, there are numerous factors to consider when selecting the right garage door for your business space. Some of the aspects are obvious such as the size, material, configuration and opening systems. However, there are features which are not apparent, but they will enhance the performance of the product. Here are some of the innovative features to consider choosing for your new commercial or industrial garage door.


You should consider purchasing an insulated garage door for your commercial space. This is particularly critical if the interior room is not only used for parking vehicles. For example, if the garage door leads to a warehouse with temperature-sensitive goods, this performance feature is indispensable. Typically, an insulated door is made using steel panels, and these are layered with polyurethane or even polystyrene. These polymers will prevent thermal conduction across the garage door. The level of the insulation will depend on the R-value of the layer. When you purchase an insulated garage door, ensure that it is also fitted with weather seal at the bottom. This will prevent the penetration of water and even air beneath the garage door.

Fire Rating

Fire safety is an important factor to consider for your industrial and commercial spaces. Therefore, you should incorporate fire-rated garage doors during your upgrade. These are ideal for set-ups which require extra protection against potential hazards, including warehouses, parking garages and distribution centres. Generally, fire-resistant doors are made using thick panels of stainless steel. This material will limit the spread of flames in case of an incident. In addition, these doors are fitted with an automated closing feature. Basically, if a fire is detected or an alarm is triggered, the fire-rated garage door will shut down automatically to contain the fire and prevent spread.

Advanced Service Features

You should compare the advanced service features for different garage doors before purchasing and installing. Typically, when a garage door is built, it is intended for different levels of usage. If the environment is not compatible with the garage door, then the service life of the feature will be shortened. For example, a residential door would fail in the demanding commercial environment. Therefore, choose a commercial garage door with service features such as high speed operation and high cycling.