Reasons to Install a Roller Door on Your Garage

The garage door covers a vast expanse of a home's facade, so its appearance will impact the kerb view. Plus, a garage door is crucial for providing security and convenient access to the garage. While several door styles are available, consider the following reasons to select a roller door.


Roller doors roll up into a bundle on top of the garage entryway, so they preserve driveway space. If you have a small drive or the garage is close to the street, a roller door will keep out of the way by not moving outwards. Conversely, tilt and swinging doors protrude in front. With a roller door, you can drive right up to the garage or stand directly in front and not be struck by an opening door.

Roller doors also preserve space inside the garage. They don't monopolise roof area that is otherwise handy for storage. Nor do these doors waste any wall area. You will, however, require an adequate overhead space to accommodate the door bundle when it opens.

Design Options

Roller doors typically use metal that is powder-coated in a multitude of colours. You could select a beige, cream, charcoal or red door. Regardless of your home's facade, you'll have no problems finding an appropriate shade. You could match it with the gutters, roof or external wall cladding, depending on the overall colour scheme.

Manual or Automated

You can choose between manual or automated roller doors. Automatic models add convenience, especially when it's raining, as you won't have to get out of your car and get wet while opening the garage. An automated model also increases security, as you're not compelled to exit the vehicle in a dark street.


Roller doors typically consist of aluminium or steel, both of which offer resilience against the elements. Aluminium naturally resists rust due to its makeup. Steel is protected with layers of elements such as zinc. Additionally, the powder-coating process encases metal in a fused paint layer that defends it from the atmosphere.

Thus, a roller door makes excellent use of space by moving vertically and not swinging outwards to protrude onto the driveway area. You'll have numerous colours to pick from to match the door with the facade. You can select between manual or automated models, whichever you prefer. An automated entry provides extra convenience and security. Plus, these doors use metal treated to withstand the elements, so they endure all weather conditions.