Garage Door Openers: Things You Need To Consider When Buying One

Installing an automated garage door opening system in your home comes with high-level efficiency and convenience by enabling effortless opening of heavy garage doors. Garage door openers also come with options that allow you to customise as well as control variables such as speed and noise. However, before choosing the type of garage door opener that will work best for your home, you will have to make several decisions concerning it. Therefore, here are things you should consider when buying a door opener for your garage door.

Style and Function

The style and function of a garage door opener will be dependent on the type of drive. Typically, there are three distinct types of drives for a garage door opener, including belt drive, chain drive, and screw drive. Chain drives units will run your garage door along a track. Garage openers operating with a chain drive system tend to be noisy because with reference to the design, a metal-to-metal noise is expected as your runs along the track. It's suitable for lifting the heavy doors.

On the other hand, because of its relatively low noise level, and its sleekness, a belt drive unit would be the most preferable. These units will use the same mechanism as the chain drives, but instead of the chain, they use a belt, which largely eliminates the noises or vibrations. Unlike the other two options, a screw drive garage door opener has a threaded steel rod that rides on a trolley as it rotates to move your door. This type of garage door opener eliminates the pulling and pushing force needed with chains and belts, making it a simpler option suitable for one-piece garage doors.


Garage door openers are rated in half, three-quarter, or one horsepower. Different horsepower is suitable for different types of doors. For instance, for standard two-car garage doors, consider using one with a half rated horsepower. For the heavier doors, such as the carriage doors, a three-quarter or one rated horsepower would be a good choice.

Safety and Security Features

For safety reasons, ensure the opener is tested to ensure it has a reversing mechanism where if anything is passing beneath your closing garage door, it stops and reverses, preventing damages to people, vehicle, and pets. In addition, make sure that the door opener has a rolling code feature that can make it harder for burglars to access your code depending on the type of entry system you have.