A Guide on How to Choose the Ideal Door for Your Farm Shed

Farm sheds are very versatile structures that can be used for storage of farm produce, livestock feed, and farm and power equipment, among other things. Before deciding on how to build your shed door, it is essential to determine the kind of door that you want. This will be dependent on factors such as cost, ease of installation, and convenience. There are three common types of doors that are suitable for large farm sheds. They are sliding doors, overhead doors, and hydraulic doors. Read on to find out which of these doors are the most suitable for your needs.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors are available in two configurations: those that have one piece sliding in one direction and those that are split in the middle with each piece sliding in the opposite direction during operation. Modern sliding doors consist of tracks and pulleys, which make it easy to operate them manually. They are the most suitable doors if you are working on a tight budget as they consist of a simple, inexpensive design. Manual sliding doors are particularly ideal under the following circumstances:

  • if you store equipment such as mowers, trucks, and tractors that you don't need to access on a daily basis.
  • if you need to store seasonal equipment such as a fishing boat, harvester, or jet ski.
  • if you have animals which can be spooked by noisy doors. Sliding doors that are in proper working condition are not noisy during operation.

If you want to use your sliding door on a daily basis, you can add an automatic door opener to increase convenience and eliminate the cumbersome manual operation.

Overhead doors

Overhead doors are the most common types of doors used on farm sheds. The door opens upwards and is the most suitable option if you will be accessing items in the shed on a daily basis. There are manual and electronic configurations, with the latter equipped with an electrical door opener for automatic operation.  Overhead doors come in various sizes and can be the best choice for a medium or large shed that's used to store large farm and household equipment.

Hydraulic doors

Hydraulic doors are large, mechanical doors that swing open during operation. They are heavy duty and are commonly used for large sheds that are used for the storage of heavy farm equipment and machinery. One advantage of these doors is that, when open, they create extra working space with relief from the sun or the rain. On the downside, hydraulic doors can be costlier than overhead and sliding doors due to their heavy duty nature.

A farm shed can create valuable storage space for your agricultural and household equipment and machinery. Choosing the ideal door that meets your budget and storage needs can increase the value of your farm shed.