Some Questions You Might Have About Automatic Garage Doors and Their Openers

Automatic garage doors are relatively simple; you hit a button on a remote and this tells the motor to either lift or lower the garage door. As simple as that sounds, they can also get a bit complicated when you've purchased a new opener or the motor itself needs maintenance. Note a few questions you might have about automatic garage doors and their openers as well as motors and other parts of the system, so you know how to keep it in good working order and when to call a repairperson. 

Why doesn't the remote work from a distance even after extending the antenna?

Note that the antenna on a garage door remote is very small and weak, and may not increase the distance from which the remote works by more than a few car lengths. Rather than relying on this antenna to give you more space between the garage door and the remote opener, you might consider if you need new batteries, as stronger batteries can mean a stronger signal for the remote. There might also be physical interference with the remote, meaning other signals from other remotes or devices that cannot be overcome by an antenna. Upgrade to a more powerful remote if you find that yours doesn't work unless you're far too close to the garage for your comfort.

Why does the garage light turn off when the door opens?

If the door to your garage opens and the light comes on and then turns off suddenly, it may be that there is an obstruction keeping the door from opening fully. In turn, the sensor for the light assumes the door is closing again. The light may also need rewiring; it may simply be shorting out so that it feels it should turn off. These may be repairs best left to a professional so he or she can note why the light is turning off and then address that problem.

Why doesn't a new universal remote work on a garage door?

If you haven't programmed the universal remote properly, it typically won't work. Programming the remote means allowing it to access the codes and signals that come from your garage motor, so it can interact and communicate with that motor. You cannot simply put batteries in a remote and expect it to work. Look for the owner's manual for your remote and note how to program it so it works properly with your garage door.