Three reasons to consider a roller shutter for your garage

Replacing your garage door can greatly alter the outside appearance of your property. It will bring a renewed kerb appeal and create a fresh, pleasing aesthetic that will be appreciated by you and everyone passing your home but appearances aren't the only reason to consider a new garage door.

What type of garage door?

When you think about purchasing a garage door, one of the first things that you must consider is what this new door will look like. You could purchase a sectional garage door or an 'up and over' garage door but one of the best decisions you make is to purchase a roller garage door. Residential roller shutters are garage doors that roll up into a compact coil. Once open, the coiled door is concealed neatly within a steel box which is situated at the top of the door. Here are three reasons that you should think about fitting a roller door.

Residential roller shutters improve energy efficiency

Roller shutters offer fast, quiet and smooth action. They can be automated and opened at the push of a button, using hand transmitters for easy operation. Most roller shutters are thermally insulated which will assist with keeping your property energy-efficient and protect your items stored in the garage from any extreme changes in temperature.  

Residential roller shutters offer increased storage

One of the biggest problems with many types of garage doors is that their design can restrict the amount of space you have for storage in your garage. A typical 'up and over' garage door will open into the garage and prevent you using any of the storage space within its opening area. Since a roller shutter is stored in a coiled position when the door is open, it does not restrict the way in which your garage space can be used.

Residential roller shutters let you park your car where you wish

Where do you park your car when it isn't in the garage? If you often park off-road outside your garage, then at some time you have probably had that annoying realisation that you have parked too close to the garage and will need to move the car back a little so that you can open the garage door to fetch something you need. Both section garage doors and 'up and over' garage doors require free space in front of the garage for them to open. With residential roller shutters, it doesn't matter how close to the door you park, the door will still open without a problem. Speak with a professional to learn more about residential roller shutters