Signs Your Garage Door Is Out of Balance and Why You Shouldn’t Delay Repair

With garage door repair, you have every reason to make sure you do it as soon as possible. While some repairs can wait, others should always be a priority, and taking care of imbalanced doors is one such example of a repair that shouldn't wait.

Is Your Garage Door Unbalanced?

Several hard-to-miss signs will let you know your garage doors are unbalanced. For starters, if the door appears lopsided or crooked as you close or open it, then it is out of balance. For extreme cases, the panels may bend out of shape by buckling and flexing while opening and closing.

Being out of balance may also be the reason behind your garage doors producing some strange noises during operation. Again, if you have to force your garage door open or closed when operating it manually, it may be because of the unbalance. The same unbalance may also cause the door to close on its own in a crashing motion after being manually opened.

Why Fix It Immediately?

As already pointed out, fixing unbalanced garage doors ranks high in the list of garage door repair problems requiring immediate attention. Here is why you should not delay this particular repair

1.    It Will Only Get Worse With Time

Imbalance places a lot of strain on the various components of your garage door. The longer you put off fixing the problem, the worse it will get because the damage is progressive. This strain can lead to some of your garage door components to break or, worse, fail.

In the end, the damage may get so bad that you may have to replace your whole door. In any case, this full replacement may cost you much more than the garage door repair to correct the imbalance.

2.    It's a Safety Threat

An imbalanced garage door is an unsafe one. This is because such a door will be out of control, and as such, it will be very unpredictable. It's not uncommon to find unbalanced garage doors slamming down on their own after being opened.

The doors can come crashing down at high speed on your car, or worse, on you, your pet or anyone else around. Because safety should always come first, attending to imbalanced doors should always be treated as a garage door repair that requires immediate attention.

Correcting the imbalance is a pretty straightforward garage door repair. Ensure you get it done right by hiring an experienced garage door specialist and get it done as soon as possible.