Benefits of Adding Glass Panels to Your Garage Doors

For many homeowners, garage doors are the epitome of privacy. They keep nosy neighbours out of your business while securing your home from threats. However, security and privacy doesn't mean that your garage should remain a dark and lonely place.

There are several ways you can add a welcoming touch to your garage. One of those ways is through installing glass panels to the garage doors. Glass not only adds natural light, but it also makes your garage doors appear unique and stylish.

Here are some benefits of adding glass to your doors (without worrying about nosy neighbours peeking inside).

1. Glass allows natural light inside

One of the biggest benefits of adding glass to your doors is that glass allows natural light to enter your garage. You no longer have to fully or partially open your garage doors just to allow light to come in. In addition, natural light is refreshing, productive and healthy.

If you spend lots of time in the garage working on your vehicle or arranging extra storage space, glass panels allow the entry of enough light for a truly productive day.

2. Glass adds to the beauty and elegance of your garage

Imagine your plain, metallic garage door embedded with beautiful glass frames. Not only will you enjoy natural light, but you will also enjoy elegant and classy designs on your garage doors.

Glass adds to the beauty of this large metallic surface and makes your home the envy of your neighbourhood. You can also choose from many different sizes and designs to match the theme of the rest of your home.

3. You don't have to compromise on security and privacy

The beauty of adding glass to your garage doors is that you don't have to compromise on security or privacy. There are many types of glass that allow light to enter while limiting visibility from the outside. For example, double glazed windows are strong, durable and private options for your garage. They don't easily shatter, and burglars will have to think twice before they can use your garage as an easy entry point.

If using regular glass for your windows, consider adding a privacy film for privacy and security. Privacy films are cost-effective and easy to install/remove as necessary.

4. Makes the door lighter

Glass panels also make your garage doors lighter and easier to operate. By reducing the amount of steel on the door, the glass panels make it easier for your garage door openers to move the unit up and down as necessary. You may also enjoy longer life out of your door openers because of the reduced weight.