Warning Signs of An Unbalanced Garage Door and What to Look Out For

Ensuring that your garage door is functioning at optimum conditions is not only convenient but highly necessary to guarantee safety for both your family and your property. Unbalanced garage doors can be extremely dangerous, and if left unchecked, your garage door is likely to malfunction and even lead to expensive repairs. For your safety, it's important to hire professionals for necessary garage door repairs to restore the balance. Here's what you should look out for:

Your garage door makes unusual noises when you open or close it

A garage door that is not properly balanced can be quite noisy from the grinding it endures during operation. This is because your garage door is working hard to open and close or could be an indication that your garage door requires lubrication. The first step will be to apply lubrication if you have not done so in a while. However, if the noises persist, this could be an indication of a larger problem and if left unchecked to could lead to permanent mechanism damage. 

The door appears misaligned while opening or closing 

If you notice that your garage door appears slanted or lose when opening and closing, there is a good chance the door is unbalanced. Frayed spring cables could cause this and calls for immediate repair. 

The garage door is moving slower than usual

If your garage door is taking longer to open and close, it could be a sign that your door is unbalanced. You will also notice that the door will open slower and slower as the misalignment worsens. If left unaddressed, your garage door will eventually fail to open at all and as a result, trap you in. 

The door closes on its own during a manual test 

Performing a simple manual test will tell you if your garage door is unbalanced. If you have to have to force your garage door up strenuously, this could be a sign of aging springs that lead to unbalanced garage doors. Also, if your garage door closes by itself after opening it manually, it means that the motor can no longer support the lift weight.

What should you do if your garage door is unbalanced?

If your garage door has misalignment issues, its best to call in a professional, as it can be very dangerous to fix or repair the problem. A certified and trained professional will perform necessary garage door repairs and will know exactly what to do to get your door back in balance.