3 Garage Door Repairs that You Can Make to Avoid Door Replacement

Unfortunately, many homeowners run into issues around their home that lead to replacement simply because they believe there is no repair option or the repair cost would be too high. One of the most common replacements, which fall into this category, are garage doors. Before you decide that your broken garage door is beyond repair, consider these three issues and how a repair can be done easily without a full replacement.

Off Track Doors

One common issue with garage doors is having them slide off track. Depending on the severity of the issue, you may think that a replacement of the door or the track itself may need to occur. The truth is, you can have this issue repaired, even if it looks severe.

A professional contractor can not only place the garage door back on its track, but can also locate the issue that is causing it to slip off track and replace or repair that portion of the track if necessary. If it is an older door, they may have to specially order parts, but it is still repairable without a full replacement.

Sensor Issues

If you have garage doors that were made recently, then you likely have a sensor. This sensor works with the remote to automatically open and close the garage door and, in some cases, engage a security feature once the door is closed. These sensors can sometimes go out for various issues. Unfortunately, you may try to replace it yourself and find that you can't find the replacement sensor or that it isn't made anymore.

This may leave you with the option of thinking a replacement will be the only remedy. A professional garage door repair technician can access the older parts from their warehouse and help you with the repair without having to replace the entire door and only replacing the sensor and possibly a fuse.

Broken Spring

The reason that broken garage doors springs lead to replacements is due to being unable to find the part that is broken. For example, you may know that it is a spring somewhere in the garage door mechanisms, but if it is very small you may not know which spring it is or how to locate it. Instead of assuming it can't be fixed or replaced, contact your local garage door repair technician. In some cases, they can view the garage door and figure out which spring it may be or at least narrow down the area. They also know how to access that area and replace the spring safely without damaging the door.

These are just three of the garage door repairs that you can make or have made to avoid replacements. If you have one of these issues, contact your local contractor for garage door repairs and pricing.