Common Issues Handled By a Garage Door Service Company

When your garage door begins to malfunction, chances are that unless you're proficient in the mechanisms that govern the operation of these doors, you will have to call upon a garage door service company to deal with the issue. So to help you understand what these companies can do, here are some of the most common problems they handle:

Fast closing garage door

When your garage door begins to open or close too fast, this is a problem that a garage door service company can fix. A fast closing garage poses a risk not only to vehicles, but it can also result in personal injury if someone is attempting to exit the garage.

In newer garage door models, there is failsafe sensor that is installed to prevent the door from closing when it senses an object, but those sensors can fail, and older garage doors aren't equipped with these sensors.

A fast-closing or fast-opening garage door is usually the result of a broken or faulty spring or cable that contracts and expands as the door begins to open and close. A garage door service technician will either fix or replace the springs or cables to restore normal operation.

Sticking garage door

If your garage door sticks when it opens or closes, meaning that there's a delay before the rollers start to work, a garage door service company can handle the problem, which is usually caused by a dent or misalignment in the track of the garage door. Rollers run on these tracks, and any damage or dent in these tracks will cause the rollers to stick in some way.

Tracks can wear down over time because of the weight and repetitive motion of the rollers. Garage door service technicians can either straighten, realign or replace a track to eliminate the sticking problem. Tracks are made of fibreglass, aluminium or stainless steel, with steel being the strongest and most durable of these materials.

Galvanised steel tracks offer the benefit of being resistant to corrosion, because they are hot-dipped in molten zinc, which has natural resistance to rust.

Garage door grinds or squeaks

Much like the brakes in your car, you may notice that when your garage door opens or closes, you hear a loud squeaking, squealing or grinding noise. This usually indicates that your roller tracks need servicing from a garage door service technician. The noise could be related to dirt on the tracks, which would require lubrication, or it could indicate a problem with the structure of the tracks that may necessitate replacement.

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