The Pros and Cons of a Double Swing Gate

Swing gates (gates that open by moving through an arc in the same way that a house door opens or closes) come in single or double configurations. Each version has its own advantages and disadvantages. This article explores the pros and cons of double swing gates. Use this information to help you decide whether double swing gates are the right option for you.

The Pros

Less Swing Space. Space is now very expensive and one must make maximum use of any available space they have. Double swing gates allow you to put the little space you have to the best use. This is because you require less space for the gate to swing. For instance, if your driveway is ten feet wide then you will need only five feet of swing space for each side of the gate. However, if it were a single swing gate then you would need ten feet of space to allow it to swing open.

Less Costly Posts. Double swing gates make it possible for you to use less expensive posts to hold them in position. This is because the total weight of the gate is divided into two so a post that would collapse under the weight of a single swing gate can easily take the weight of one side of a double swing gate.

Aesthetics. Double swing gates provide a more elegant spectacle as they open, especially if they are automated. The synchronized movement of the two parts of the gate as they part to let your car through is more beautiful to watch when compared to a single swing gate opening.

The Cons

More Hardware. Double swing gates require more materials during their installation. For instance, you need twice the number of hinges to install a double swing gate in comparison to what you would need to install a single swing gate. You also need drop rods in the middle of the gate in order to keep the gate closed.

More Complex Electronic Systems. The electrical system of a double swing gate is more complex than that of a single swing gate. This is because you will need a motor for the gate opener on each side of the gate and the two motors have to be programmed to operate concurrently.

Talk to a gate installer from a company like AGM Automation so that he or she advises you on which type of gate will be best for your property based on how wide your driveway is and the type of gate that you would like to purchase.