How to make your garage more secure

Though people very often use their garages to store not only their car but also expensive things like power tools, they can be unaware of just how easy it is to break into one. Even more of a problem is that many garages are linked to the main house via a regular door, granting easy access to thieves.

The most popular kind of garage door is the up-and-over door, be it manually or automatically operated. These doors are very easy to break into if the burglar has the right tools — they just need to break the one bolt lock and they can get in. If the garage door is made of flimsy material, they may not even bother with that, and simply break their way through the door quietly using a knife. So the first thing you need to do to thief-proof your garage is make sure that your door is made of a tough material — go for metal rather than plastic.

You can fit extra locks onto your garage door (if you have an automatic one, check with the manufacturer first to ensure you aren't voiding the warranty) but some people decide to just go ahead and improve their whole system by fitting a security screen. This is especially recommended if you live in a high-risk area — whilst security screens are not always cheap, they can be a fraction of the money you might lose if your garage was broken into. If you have windows in your garage, it's a good idea to fit security screens on them as well. Contact a business like Aus Secure to learn more about security screens and their styles.

You should also improve the security of any doors between your garage and your house. Most of these doors have only one lock, making them an easy target. Fit more locks and bolts to ensure that even if a thief gains access to the garage, they will not gain access to the house.

Things such as alarms and CCTV can also be a big deterrent to thieves looking to break into a garage. Both of these things can be picked up for a relatively cheap price, but if you don't want to splash out on them than bear in a mind that a simple, professional 'Premises protected by CCTV' sign can also be a deterrent — you know there's no camera around, but a would-be thief does not.

These are all fairly easy steps that can be taken to secure your garage, but if there's anything else you want installed or anything you are unsure about contact a security specialist. They can examine your house and garage and recommend the best course of action.